About Us - Welcome to Horsewears Horse Blanket Laundry & Repair, providing horse blanket laundry and repair services in Oregon City, OR.

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About Us

A lifelong interest in designing and sewing clothes and craft projects evolved into Horsewears which began in 1994 as a blanket repair service. The owner, Ann, has home sewing experience on a wide range of machines.

Designing and sewing skiwear and outdoor gear was the beginning of her education in durable water resistant (DWR) and waterproof breathable fabrics (WPB). Sailboat ownership created the need for a commercial sewing machine to sew boat related gear using Sunbrella and other heavy weight fabrics. Horse blanket repair at the time consisted of salvaging hardware and or strapping from an old blanket and taking it to a saddle maker or shoe repair shop to be sewn back on. The results were not always satisfactory and she began repairing horse blankets out of necessity.

Ann has had horses most of her life and understands the how and why of blanket construction and fit. She offered custom blankets at the time to meet the need for horses which had special needs or were hard to fit. The custom blanket service was phased out to meet the growing demands of general blanket repairs.

We have acquired a wide range of commercial machines to meet the various demands of blankets and accessory gear. We do not repair leather tack or saddles. This is best left to the experts in leather repair. We are the experts when it comes to blanket washing and repair.

We work out of our home and have flexible hours to meet your schedule. We try to return any messages as soon as possible. Please remember to leave a return phone number. We do ask that you contact us to arrange blanket drop off and pick up as we may be out of town occasionally.

We purchased commercial washers and began offering blanket laundry service due to customer demand for properly cleaning the waterproof breathable blankets which were becoming available for horses. It is important to handle these fabrics correctly to maintain their water repellant property and we noticed that other blanket services machine dried blankets or used incorrect cleaners. This can damage the waterproof linings, cause fabric shrinkage and void a blanket warranty.

“Horsewears for what your Horse Wears”
Phone: 503.632.1550    E-Mail: horsewears@bctonline.com
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